I also use coupons….I love coupons….but not all coupons are a great deal if they are not for what you need or truly want. To buy something that you don’t want because you have a coupon doesn’t make sense to me….but a coupon used towards what we want and use can be a huge money maker….

I also buy what is on sale at the time. The other day coffee was on sale significantly reduced where I shop. I bought up 8 cans….I got the items while they were at that price. Sometimes we have to grab our opportunties when they are there….I also often build my menu’s around what is on sale at the time….

Learning to be frugal is a skill and a lifestyle and Successful people make it fun….for life is meant to be fun…..I love being Frugal…




I always say INTEGRITY is what we are doing when no one is looking …..What we are doing in the dark so to speak…..Integrity is what people do when they are supposed to be doing something……They are doing what is right…I think there is no “perfume” better in life than the sweet scent of INTEGRITY….

One cannot buy integrity….It is simply something that a person has….Who they are or who they are not…..Without it relationships can begin to stink. With it they will flourish…..Honoring ones word and what they are doing in life is key to a happy and successful life……

Build on your integrity the way you would build on any area of your life……The more others sense your integrity the more you will be respected and the more successes you will have in life….



It is always important to get our facts straight…..Often what we hear in the beginning is not accurate or we may have misinterpreted the information we got….Clarity is key when making assumptions….Are we assuming things based on correct information and correct interpetion of it?

Most often taking our time when making assumptions is a very good thing….Gathering all the information from the correct sources before coming to our conclusion can be the very best thing…..I have seen too many people make false assumptions then acting on them creating a mess later on…..They were building on false assumptions….and usually that will lead to failure….

It is important we get our facts straight….Our information should be flawless before we make important decisions in life…..



Falling in love is a wonderful feeling….Of course for me that was years ago….but I still feel very must like I fall in love everyday with my husband even now….Yet, that first time falling in love can be some of the most magical times of one's life….

Falling in love is almost always mixed with insecurity….because it is an insecure period of time….highs and lows….ins and outs….I think that in part is what makes it so exciting….Sort of like an Earthquake at times….It all just simply doesn’t seem that stable….although exciting….

Falling in love usually has what I call a GLOW period in the beginning where one can only see all that is wonderful in the beginning about the other person and the relationship…..It isn’t till afterwards that the person gets a truly good perspective of who a person is and what the relationship is all about….That takes time….

I believe the longer one can take to form and then build their relationship the better. Of course it should not take forever and there are time lines in most relationships…..that should be honored and respected….Yet, it can be a very good thing when a couple allows themselves to go through each stage and season in their FALLING IN LOVE and to truly enjoy the process….for that period of time will not be repeated….Enjoy Falling In Love…




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