Balancing more than just our checkbooks!

The balancing act we all strive for can so easily be put out to pasture with a flick of a pen, a sneeze of a child or when the heavens open up with some much needed rain. Therapy in Transition supporting clients to find balanceHow are we supposed to live in the present when the present we face continuously changes? One of the hardest transitions a family goes thru after a child has entered their lives is bringing back a sense of balance or normalcy to every day routines. This I speak from experience, my son just celebrated his first birthday the second week of April and I am just now beginning to feel like I am able to identify the areas which need more attention. But what else is currently adding stressful downward pressure to one side of the tight rope act? The economy! The outlook for the economic health of our nation seems to be very bleak at the present moment. What can we do about it and how can we even begin to look for ‘normal’ when the definition of normal has been rewritten in a secret language with the decoder ring missing!

Breathe! Take a few moments to simply breathe and breathe again.

Still overwhelmed with the thought of the mounds of bills on the desk, the baby crying, dogs barking and feeling like your one true desire to feel productive and participative in the family’s financial health by getting back to work is now not an option because of the economy?

Breathe! Breathe again and again. Notice the physical changes in your body when you simply focus on your breathing. Feel the oxygen filling your lungs, expanding your chest cavity and energizing your cells. As you exhale, what is happening? The anxiety that once filled your abdominal area is lessening, the tension in your shoulders releasing and your heart actually seems to be slowing down.

But really does just focusing our attention on our breathing for a few minutes do that much to support us to find and regain our balance in life? To be brutally honest – no but, but hear me on this … it is the beginning of you conciously bringing forward the intention of change. Holding the intention is the first step to regaining the balance we once knew and desire to achieve again. There are many tools which we can begin to adopt to support us in bringing back a balanced lifestyle.  When you afford Therapy in Transition happy and balanced clientsyourself the gift of a few minutes during really stressful times to focus on your breathing it will allow you to mentally refocus and rebalance; the anxiety being felt is reduced and we can immediately begin to feel as though we can handle and overcome more than we did yesterday.  Regaining our balance is taking one step at a time. Begin taking your first step today by focusing on your breathe. Hey, it’s free and its benefits are limitless.

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