Balancing the Roles of Daughter and Mother

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[Editor's Note: The balancing act of motherhood is more than just the work-life balance arguments that permeate the Internet. As Emily at West of the Loop shares, sometimes the balance of being a mom and being a daughter, especially to that of a sick parent, clash against one another. Making decisions about what is right for your own children sometimes means hard things for a daughter's heart. Emily shared all of this in a heartfelt post last week. Her Father died yesterday, and we here at BlogHer extend our greatest sympathies and condolences. You should do the same. -Jenna]

Being a Daughter, Being a Mother:

balanceIn short, the time had come for us to go home. Although it gave me some small comfort to sit next to my father every day, he did not know that I was there. And while my presence had helped my mother for a time, she did not need the stress of four house guests any longer. But most importantly, my children needed to be back in their house, with their toys and their friends. The stress of the situation was beginning to wear on them.

So, reluctantly, when I left the hospital on my last day in DC I said goodbye to my father without my usual promise to return the next day. It broke my heart to leave him.

Continue reading for thoughts about balancing those roles... and offer your condolences.

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