(PHOTOS) The Ballerina Project: Find Beauty on the Streets of New York

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My daughter, the tiny ballerina, has a poster of a dancer on her closet door. I never get tired of looking at the energy jumping out of this woman's fingers and toes; she is grace.

Ballerinas have an aura of mystery about them, as though they are somehow more than human when they're wearing ballet slippers. Even when they're little.

My tiny dancer at age five.

Dane Shitagi is a photographer who began the Ballerina Project in New York City more than eight years ago. He said:

Putting them on the streets says something about the way dance brings things alive. When we're just living our lives day to day, we're doing our own dance. If you limit things to the dance studio, it becomes just coverage -- it doesn't take it to another realm.

The original goal was to do a book, which is still part of the goal. It's different, though -- when you set out to climb Mt. Everest, your goal is to get to the top and get back again. I'm really doing it to find out why rather than knowing why before I began.

Enjoy the beauty.

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