Banana is my Dawg: Megan's Misheard Lyrics

Have you ever been singing a song with all your heart, only to have a friend laugh at you for singing the wrong lyrics? Yep, that happens to me all the MomentswithMegan Mondegreentime. My misheard lyrics, or , have become fodder for many of my friends' jokes. To see my most talked about misheard lyrics and to listen for yourselves, please read the rest.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Megan Rivers for giving me the idea to write this post! Please feel free to listen to the actual part of the song that I misheard. I've embedded a player below. :o).

  • Lil Wayne and Bobby Valentino's "Mrs. Officer"
    • Megan's way: "When I get up all in your kabuki, hear the angels callin' us, spooky!"
    • Actual lyric: "When I get up all in ya (yeah), we hear the angels callin' us (chea)."
    • My justification: A kabuki, much like female genitalia, opens and closes. And if you are doing...something...with someone and you heard angels calling you, wouldn't that be spooky?
    • Listen to: 0:34-0:41
  • Ray J and Yung Berg's "Sexy Can I"
    • Megan's way: "Sexy cannon"
    • Actual lyric: "Sexy can I"
    • My justification: I thought he was calling his...ahem...a sexy cannon because it's big, black, hard, and ready to explode. I didn't know the title of the song for a long time.
    • Listen to: 0:13-0:15
  • Lil Wayne's "Man I Miss my Dogs"
    • Megan's way: "Banana is my dog...we'd do poetry...banana!"
    • Actual lyric: "Man I miss my dogs...we'd blow a tree...I'll say it again."
    • My justification: I'm 99.9% sure that one of the Cash Money rappers has a food nickname. Also, Lil Wayne always raps about food! As far as the poetry goes, I just thought he was trying to show his sensitive side. I didn't know the title of the song for a long time.
    • Listen to: 1:16-1:42
  • Jodeci's "Love U 4 Life"
    • Megan's way: "Your love is violent" or "Your love is violins"
    • Actual lyric: "Your love is why I live"
    • My justification: I was a little kid when this song came out. That's all I can say.
    • Listen to:1:10-1:14
  • Kanye West and Jamie Foxx's "Gold Digger"
    • Megan's way: "With a baby who was for Tom under her underarm."
    • Actual lyric: "With a baby Louis Vuitton under her underarm."
    • My justification: I thought Kanye was talking about how the girl had the nerve to have some other man's [Tom's] baby with her while she was hustling him for money.
    • Listen to: 0:39-0:43
  • Johnny Gill's "My, My, My"
    • Megan's way: "I'm gonna shove you."
    • Actual lyric: "I'm gonna show you."
    • My justification: I thought that after he saw the woman all dressed up and looking nice, he'd be so excited that he would shove her.
    • Listen to: 1:02-1:06
  • Michael Jackson's "Jam"
    • Megan's way: "You ate through a basketball meat--jam" or "You ate through a vegetable--jam" or "You ate through a bench for me--jam"
    • Actual lyric: "It ain't too much for me to jam"
    • My justification: In "Wanna be Startin' Somethin," he says, "You're a vegetable." Also, the video was about basketball, so I thought he was trying to say that Michael Jordan is a great player because he ate through a basketball meat or a bench for him.
    • Listen to: 2:38-2:44
  • Blossom TV show theme song, "My Opinionation"
    • Megan's way: "Pull up your pants, dancer! I'll give you a piece of my mind." and "Slap on your p*ssy! Sit down and smile!"
    • Actual lyric: "Fire up you pad and pencil! I'll give you a piece of my mind." and "Stop all your fussin'! Slap on a smile!"
    • My justification: The show's opening looked so happy and carefree that these things made perfect sense.
    • Listen to 0:09-0:14 and 0:24-0:37
  • Bob Dylan's "Most Likely You'll go Your way (and I'll go Mine)"
    • Megan's way: "I wanna lick yo' a*s. Yeah I love a*s!"
    • Actual lyric: "I'm gonna let you pass. And I'll go last!"
    • My justification: They play this at my job, and everybody thought they were saying that. Customers, too.
    • Listen to: 0:39-0:47

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READERS: Did you ever have any trouble understanding these songs? What songs have you or your friends had trouble with? Please share below!

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