Bananas: A Girl’s Worst Enemy

I want to talk to you about bananas. Because I hate them.

It started long ago, when I was a little baby in Pakistan. Surrounded by doting grandparents and other relatives, I spent my days causing irreparable damage to my surroundings. Whether it was pulling all the tissues out of their boxes, ripping people’s hair out of their heads or dragging the cats by the tail as my grandfather walked me up and down the driveway in my stroller, I was the worst.

That said, I was a happy baby. I had yet to move to America, where I would be subjected to such horrors as snow and Montessori. In Pakistan, I could do whatever I wanted and no one could stop me. This attitude extended to my eating habits as well. There wasn’t much I liked to eat, I guess because I thought I could subsist on fierceness and sass. But that didn’t stop my mom and others from trying.

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