Bands from the 90s and more celebrity stalking


A lot of good things happened for me in the 90s. I graduated from high school, college and grad school.

I studied abroad and traveled in Europe.

Hanging out with a bunch of foreigners in Stratford-upon-Avon.

I went to tons of concerts.

Now it is my kids that are hitting graduation milestones and it has been over seven years since I’ve been back to Europe.

However, I still go to concerts. Only now I sit in seats like a big old grownup rather than on the lawn. I might be seeing the same bands I saw during the 90s, but now I’m racing back home to avoid paying the sitter for another hour rather than to beat curfew.

Friday night we saw Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Blues Traveler and Barenaked Ladies. (We would have seen Cracker, too, but it took an hour to get a pitcher of beer, an order of burgers, brats and a pretzel at VBGB. Here’s my review on them: don’t go there before a concert unless you don’t care about missing the opening act. Otherwise it was a cool place and had good food.)

Worth the wait? Yes, but mostly because we had already paid for it.

When we were walking into the concert venue, I heard the familiar first few chords of “Bittersweet”, my favorite song of perhaps all time. I bolted through there to get to our seats. Though I was bummed to miss the whole thing, the part I got enjoy filled me with a wave of giddy nostalgia and excitement. I love that song.

I unexpectedly saw a lot of people there I know. A lot. Many of whom I hung out with during the 90s. We weren’t wearing our flannel shirts and ripped jeans over body suits set off by the perfect shade of Rum Raisin lipstick anymore, but we are still rocking out to some jangly, big guitar infused tunes that make now middle-aged white people dance.

Don’t mess the Class of ’94 Senior Board. We all got early college acceptance letters and will beat the crap out of you with them.

While I was contemplating which giant light beer on which I would spend my hard-earned fourteen bucks, Daddy Frat Boy spotted some people signing autographs near the beer stand. Upon further inspection, he realized it was Big Head Todd and The Monsters.

We so know them. Whether they like it or not.

Big Head Todd and The Monsters

I WILL make you take a picture with me, Mr. Big Head. If you could be bothered to read my blog you would know that.

Being the ever so smooth fangirl that I am, I busted up in there and asked to take a picture with them. They were kind enough to oblige.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Big Head Todd really does have a big head. They weren’t being ironic when they named him that.
  • His back was sweaty when I put my arm around him for the picture.
  • He didn’t put his arm back around me because, we aren’t friends, yo.
  • Telling a musician that his biggest hit is your favorite song ever is not going to impress him. He’s probably heard that one before.
  • I got carded to buy beer while I was there. That means there were a whole lot of people there who need to start taking better care of their skin, because by comparison they made me look like I’m under 21.

What are you doing this summer that is making you feel old young again?



Tricia Oakes

Southern Spark


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