Banish The Bottle, Baby

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So, remember the other week when I was all about the bottled water versus the filtered water and the tap water and was all like, oh hai, you can not has bottles, kthx? Well, let's take that a step further! Let's talk about some easy-peasy ways to wean yourself and your family off the (water) bottle.

The most straightforward thing to do is something that you're probably already doing: acquiring and toting a reusable bottle. Get yourself a sports bottle or - as EcoSalon recommends - one of those fancy Sigg bottles or - radical idea - just hang on to one of your used water bottles and just keep refilling it.

But let's say that you just haven't gotten around to buying one, and you don't have any old ones kicking around, and you're headed out and what are you going to do about water? Or you're already out - you're headed out to dinner or to the movies or to the mall or to Mexico - and you haven't got your Sigg with you. Whaddya do?

Well, again, the easiest solution is the most obvious: be prepared to ask for tap water. Any restaurant worth patronizing will happily serve you tap water (or - and this would be my approach - drink more wine). Find out if your local cinema - or your local shopping mall or wherever - has drinking fountains. Another, even easier possibility: consider guzzling up before you head out to do errands: the human body can go a couple of hours without water (and haven't we all been reading about good reasons to not overhydrate?)

(Going to Mexico? Again, I parrot Eco Salon: tap water, but just make sure that it's boiled. Consider travelling with a small electric kettle so that you can boil your own, or ask to borrow one from the hotel.)

But if all of this sounds complicated - maybe you're not ready to fully give up the bottle (my baby won't either) - here's a first, easy step: if you must buy bottled water, buy one big bottle instead of multiple small bottles. Carry it with you everywhere, and then? When it's empty?

Fill it with tap water.

The world will thank you for it.

Catherine blogs at Her Bad Mother where, this week, she's really just pretty sad. But well-hydrated. From the tap.



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