Barack Obama and John McCain: Online Videos To Tickle The Funny Bone

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Back in February on Super Tuesday I posted "Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday." Now that the primaries are over and the official presidential campaign is in full swing, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a few laughs. What better way to get them then by checking out the latest online videos that take a humorous look at the campaign and the candidates?

First a sentimental look back on the Democratic primary season courtesy of one of my new favorite websites, 23/6.

Barack Obama and John McCain have used the internet more than ever before, to convince donors to open their wallets, to convince citizens to volunteer, and to spread viral videos touting their messages. But as a great blogger---ahem---once said, "live by the internet, laugh by the internet." Especially, the internet video.

Take for example Obama's decision to forego public financing. The following video explains the situation.

It used to be campaign stump speech flubs were chuckled at by a select few on the campaign trail. But in the era of camera cellphones and YouTube, every campaign flub becomes the lyric for a YouTube, garage band remix video. Like when John McCain decided to "veto beer."

Obama has had his share of flubs as well. Like when he decided the country needed eight more states.

And as promised, the remix.

On the music video front, here's a sequel to the McCain Girls' "It's Raining McCain." It's called "McCainiac."

My only question? Why is the black woman doing all the welding and the white woman having all the fun dancing!? Huh?

Obama shouldn't feel left out of the political music video craze. I've sworn off plugging Obama Girl this time around, but the musical group Detroit Octane has their own Obama tribute. Here they sing about something Michelle knew all along: he's "Barack Obama-sistible."



My only question? Where are the dancing mannequin-like models!? Huh?

If you take your politics a bit more seriously, you can enter the Republican American Neighbor Contest on YouTube. You need to submit a video by June 26th profiling "someone in your neighborhood who goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve what Senator McCain calls 'a cause greater than their own self-interest.'" The winner gets an all expense paid trip to the Republican Convention in Minnesota. The loser gets two all expense paid trips to the Republican Convention in Minnesota.

Sorry...I couldn't help myself.

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Megan Smith is a BlogHer Contributing Editor covering TV/YouTube and she thinks politics without humor is like ice cream without a cone. Megan's other blogs are Megan's Minute and Video Runway.


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