Barbara Walters 2010 Most Fascinating People

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters has announced eight of her ten most fascinating people of 2010. Well, it's a bit more than eight since she has the entire cast of Jersey Shore as one pick.

Here's who she's confirmed will be appearing in her special:

Justin Bierber - of course he is. Beibs and Babs, it was meant to happen.

Sandra Bullock - she had a heck of a year. Again, makes sense.

Kate Middleton - This will mark what, the second time that Middleton has spoken to the press? A good get for Walters.

Sarah Palin - No surprise there. That ones be out there fora while.

LeBron James - For the sports fans.

Betty White - Yay Betty White! Why not just do a full hour on Betty White than have all these other people on? Betty White rules.

Jennifer Lopez - Meh. Just meh.

The cast of Jersey Shore - again, meh. I wouldn't tune in to see them.

That leaves two openings. Will it be the Obamas, even though she just did an interview with them? Will it be Oprah, who is hot thanks to her final season? Who do you think it will be?

Photo credit: Rubenstein on Flickr.

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