Barbecue Chicken Quarters - Low Carb | Sugar Free Goodness!

You love barbecue. But you didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. You watch Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Bravo and BBQ Pitmasters. You KNOW commercially prepared barbecue has a boatload of sugar and sugary type ingredients—in the rubs and the sauces! So buying prepared barbecue is out. Where do you find delicious, healthy low carb, sugar free barbecue recipes? Recipes that don’t take eleventy billion years to prepare? Well, there comes a time when we all must face the cold, harsh, reality of life. Not everyone owns a smoker or grill. *sob*. We should change that, one grill/smoker at a time—maybe a barbecue non-profit? And not everyone is willing to trade a few hours or an entire day for the genuine, real deal. What’s a low carber to do? Easy, go grab Fluffy Chix Cook Barbecue Chicken Quarters and call it a meal-fridge to table in 11 minutes and low carb delicious!

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Low carb sugar free and keto friendly Barbecue Chicken Quarters


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