Gourmet Live + BlogHer Road Trip: Barbecue Restaurants

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Barbecue Restaurants
As part of our monthly collaboration with Gourmet Live, we've found bloggers' favorite, finger-licking barbecue restaurants across the country!


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Bloggers' Favorite Barbecue

Tide and Thyme
Chincoteague, Virginia: Woody's Beach BBQ
Locals on the tiny island of Chincoteague know that after a long day at thebeach, Woody's is the best place to kick back and enjoy barbecue among a sea of picnic blankets and brightly-covered Adirondack chairs. Soft tiki music sets the scene for a menu starring all homemade dishes, including smoked pork, specialty sandwiches, and iced teas flavored with fresh fruit. My favorite menu item is The Clipper, a stacked sandwich loaded with a fried chicken breast,pulled pork, bacon jam, and creamy slaw.
—Laura, Tide and Thyme

Foodette Reviews
Cambridge, Massachussets: Formaggio Kitchen
The last thing you'd expect to smell at Cambridge, Massachussets' Formaggio Kitchen is the smoky aroma of backyard barbecue. And yet, that's what you'll find every Saturday at their weekend barbecue bashes, held outside the fine food and wine store. All the items on the rotating menu are smoked and prepared in Formaggio's kitchen, and the menu features mouthwatering pulled lamb sandwiches, pear sausages, and barbecued beef ribs. Slather on one of their housemade sauces, and you're good to go! The barbecue season starts when the weather gets warm (mid-March or April), and runs until the end of October.

—Jess, Foodette Reviews

Branny Boils Over
Orangeburg, South Carolina: Duke's Barbecue (803-534-2916)
I learned my days of the week by asking for Duke's Barbecue and being told I couldn't have it because it wasn't a Thursday, a Friday, or a Saturday. That's right—this restaurant, is only open on the weekends, when it serves the best mustard-based pork barbecue you'll ever have. The sides are simple—white rice, hash, coleslaw, and a slice of white bread. Their focus is not on the decor nor advertising—you won't find a website or a commercial for them, because their great food speaks for itself.
—Branny, Branny Boils Over

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Inadvertent Gardener
Oakland, California: Everett & Jones
I'm a sucker for the two- or three-way combination plates at Oakland's own Everett & Jones, which has grown to six locations around the East Bay since it opened in 1973. The fact is, I can't ever decide between the juicy brisket, the smoky sausage links, and the ribs that make it totally worth licking one's fingers. On Sunday afternoons, checked-cloth-covered tables fill with older couples in their church clothes, and everyone devours giant platters of barbecued meat paired with mouthwatering sides: creamy macaroni and cheese, brown-sugar-glazed yams, and fantastic greens. Even though the portions are enormous, everything is so good I never have any trouble clearing my plate and sopping up any last bits of sauce with cornbread.
—Genie, The Inadvertent Gardener

Dolcetto Confections
Christiansburg, Virginia: Due South BBQ
Whenever I leave New York City for a trip home, Due South BBQ tops my list of places to eat. Chris and team serve up a BBQ sandwich that is absolute perfection, with a healthy dose of southern hospitality. Complete your experience by adding the Hot Red Sauce to your sandwich, and pairing it with perfectly-fried hushpuppies, creamy mac ‘n cheese and, of course, a big glass of sweet tea. If my craving for Due South hits well before my next visit, I have been known to have a cooler of their BBQ and sides overnighted to NYC!
—Allison, Dolcetto Confections

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