Barefoot Living and Hopefully One Day Running

Knee pain on the inside of my knee - on the outside - behind the knee - under, over - pretty much anywhere.  My poor knee was inflamed and there was no real telling what was the chicken and what was the egg or if there even was a chicken or an egg.  It was just a mess and it would flare up over trivial things.

So I've been eating this anti-inflammatory diet and been avoiding those things that aggravate my knee (like running).  I've been working on long term healing at some deep microcosm tendon like level.  If I weren't actually cooking and eating super healthy and feeling the positive effects of that, I'd have to admit that it's been partly laziness.  Life without exercising is easier.  Though I do miss it and how I feel doing it.

My doctor didn't know what was going on with my knee and the MRI speciality doctors didn't know either.  Nobody bothered quizzing me more of my sore foot which was diagnosed with tendonitis several years back.  But as I began googling and reading and trying to find the root cause for my knee, I began playing with the idea that it might be my foot triggering the knee problems.

And as I read and learned more about pronation and underpronation and supination and all those ation words, I read a lot of good stuff about just walking barefoot around the house.  I used to walk barefoot and one thing I had been aware of was that I often found myself resting more on the outer edges of my feet and not flat on my whole foot.

So I tried out the barefoot thing around the house and you know, it's felt okay.  I can lift up onto my toes more evenly now (before I would lift up on the outside and roll to the inside).  My knee hasn't been hurting and my foot doesn't necessarily hurt any more than usual - sometimes it does a lot and other times it doesn't.

And then one day I put on my running shoes with their arch inserts (that the doc told me to wear back when the foot tendonitis was diagnoed) and walked to the post office and boom!  There was my knee hurting - in the back.  The pain just came right back.

Since then I've tried some other tests with other shoes and I tell ya - unless I'm wearing my sandals for a walk, my knee seems to not do well with any of my shoes.

Could my arch support inserts have aggravated my foot and my knee??!!  This is my current theory.

Lots of the stuff out there says to wear shoes with lots of supports.  The logic behind my arch supports was that my tendon was stressed and the supports would give it a break.  But what if those supports also changed how I walked and began to stress out my knee.

So I'm trying the barefoot thing and hoping to kinda boost up my overall tendon/muscle strength and flexibility in my feet so that they can do what they need to do to get me around without injury.

I also googled chi running, but have failed to watch it yet.

Yesterday for a hike, I wore some old converse and they felt pretty good, but last night I could feel my popliteal tendon was sore so today I hiked in my sandals and that felt better which I think is because my sandals are more flexible.

And that's where I'm at.  I'd love hearing about other people's experiences finding what shoes or exercises worked for those hard to solve joint problems.


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