Barter Your Bloggy Skills to Build a Better Business

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Lucretia Pruitt

You're getting serious about this whole blogging as a business thing, aren't you? Well, maybe you have been for a long time.  But there are all these little things that need work to make it work.  And most of them seem like they're going to cost you a million bucks.  If you had a million bucks, you sure wouldn't be worried about monetizing your blog and growing your readership and nurturing your community tho - you'd just write when you felt like it.

You are finding out you need an attorney for things like looking over contracts, writing a basic Letter of Agreement, the template for a Statement of Work, a Privacy Policy for your site (for when people give you their info for giveaways and whatnot), and speaking of "giveaways" it turns out those are either sweepstakes or illegal 'private lotteries' and you'd better talk to someone quick about what your contests should look like so you don't run afoul of the law, and you'll need a Terms & Conditions Page and that had better be looked over by that lawyer too.And dang it, you'll probably need his help if you want to create an LLC or incorporate

And if you need an attorney, the odds are pretty good that you're getting to the point where you need an accountant - someone who will get those finances of yours in order, help you to know when & how to file your taxes for your business, help you understand what it means if you're set up as a vendor in a brand's system - versus being set up as a contractor. (Which forms did you need to file again??) And never mind learning how to invoice!

Then there's website hosting - that sure isn't cheap.  The better your site gets, the more you're paying for it. Nevermind about the cost of finding a good webdesigner which you'll need too.  Sure, some sites get big with free templates - but your odds are better with something that says you all over it.

Unless you're made of money, or happen to be an ex-lawyer, web desinger or accountant, suddenly this is getting expensive! What's that old saying? It takes money to make money.

Here's the insider's secret: if you don't have money? You totally have skills. Barter is the best way to get the help you need while still 'paying' your bills. We'll talk about what skills you actually have to barter with if you're a blogger (more than you know!) how you approach someone to work with you for "in kind trade" and how to find lawyers, accountants, webdesigners and even a few site administrators (hosts) who would gladly work with you if you could only make the part *they* hate so much go away or work more efficiently for them.

We'll talk about the way to find the folks you need, how to approach them and how to make it a formal deal (that Statement of Work mentioned above? that's the first thing you get done! As it also assures you're dealing with everyone on a professional level!) and how to make sure that you're getting a good & fair deal in the bargain.

Join me and we'll talk about ways to quit burying your head in the sand whenever anyone mentions a lawyer, an accountant, or a website designer.  You'll be prepared to get to work on getting your small blogging business into a shape that will protect your assets when push comes to shove.  And the folks on the other end will come out the better for having known you too!