Basal metabolic rate BMR calculator

BMR is short for basal metabolic rate. BMR tells you how many calories your body burns per day, even if you do not move a muscle throughout the whole day. You can easily calculate it using an on-line BMR calculator.

You organism needs energy to operate normally. Vital processes such as breathing, thinking and beating of the heart all require energy. BMR usually represents more than two thirds of your daily calorie consumption. The only exception to this rule are highly active people or people who engage in sport professionally.

For an average size adult man 2000 calories per day is adequate. Out of 2000 calories at least 1400 calories are burnt by your organism (BMR). The more muscle mass you have the higher the BMR. BMR is also affected by age and gender. Men have a higher BMR than women.

If you want to lose weight you should eat at BMR rate and monitor your progress. Since BMR is the bare minimum that you should be consuming every day you should pay attention to other signals as well - is your weight loss progressing or is it stalled? If it is stalled than you perhaps should increase your daily calorie intake for at least 10%.

Note! Since BMR calculator uses a static formula to calculate your basal metabolic rate you should be aware that this calculation can not be 100% accurate. Your best bet is to use a BMR calculator and calculate your values. If, after a week or two your weight is the same and is not decreasing than you should take an additional 10% off of your BMR and see what happens.

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