The Basics of Bird Photography

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A fecal sac is a clean, tough mucous/gelatinous membrane/film containing the excrement of nestling birds. Nestlings usually excrete one sac after each feeding, especially as they get older. The parent grasps the sac by the middle with their beak. I read that both parents contribute to the removal of the waste matter, but it was only the female that I saw doing so on this particular day.

DSC_7424 copy 2

After three hours of sitting and being patient, and just taking it easy on a somewhat cloudy early summer afternoon, I managed to get them both at the box at the same time.

DSC_7581 copy 2

And all it took was time and patience. Hope your summer is off to a great start! Thanks for stopping by today ~ 123 Signature[5]  DSC_7506 copy 2


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