Bathroom Body

Well I have decided to cut corners for the summer, financially that is . And one way I think I can help my budget is excercising at home. My gym fee is pretty hefty and I can use that money for fun things this summer. I needed to come up with ways to keep my weight down and stay fit. My plan is called the Bathroom Body, I know that sounds strange but it can actually be a fun way to lose calories. The plan is pretty simple, all I need to do is drink 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking the appropiate amount of water will hydrate my body and cause me to go to the potty. This is where the fun begins!  Each time I go to the restroom at home I plan to do a 2 min exercise routine right in the mirror. My very first action packed session consisted of 100 jumping jacks and countertop pushups. I felt really silly initially, but as I watched myself in the mirror I was inspired to continue. Hopefully, this can give you some motivation to keep it movin!