Bathroom Renovation, It's DONE!

Last December, I called our contractor and spoke with him about what could be done with a 5′ by 9′ bathroom in a 50 year old house.  He’s an optimistic guy.  He spoke about things like marble wall surfaces, heated flooring, spa showers, jetted tubs.  I chuckled (okay, laughed out loud), and reminded him that I’ve had two children since the last time we worked together, and that hasn’t made me ANY less cheap.

He’s a nice guy.  He came to visit.  Did the quote.  Secured the contract.  And promised me the job would be completed in two weeks or less.  I scheduled a dayhome closure to correspond with the dates in the contract.  Decided against a week-long camping trip with my family (ARE YOU KIDDING?).  And experienced some significant additional fractures to my sanity, watching our new bathroom take shape.

For over a month.

To be fair, most of the work was completed within the first two weeks.  We then had three extra days with no access to the bathroom, and a then few extra weeks of “final details”.  We gained about 10 square feet of floor space, a useable shower, a gorgeous tile floor, and the only smooth and even walls anywhere on the main floor of our house.  I’m happy.

I would be happier if I had not noticed the tiny smudge in the paint to the left of the light fixture, the little scuff mark on the top right corner of the cabinet, or the not-quite-perfect seam in the right-hand cabinet door.  But it’s done, now.  I’m not calling them back to fix those imperfections.  I’m not THAT CLIENT.  Really, I’m not!  My kids and my extra kids have caught their limits of unfamiliar grown-ups tromping through the house.  And so have I.

To gain the floor space, we had them pull out the vanity and put in a pedestal sink.  For storage, we asked them to build us a massive custom medicine chest – deep enough to hold a toilet-paper roll, of course – that fills most of one wall.  We chose an adjustable, removable shower head so that we could wash our kids without a shower curtain, gaining a precious extra bit of elbow-room.  This tiny bathroom serves six kids and two adults all day.  It comfortably accommodates three toddlers and their potties, with room to tuck the seats and step-stools out of the way at bedtime.

Yeah.  I’m happy.  Here it is! (Click to view slideshow.)


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