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My DS just celebrated his fifth birthday. Like a lot of five year olds he wanted a Batman party. Above is the invitation I created and sent to his guests. We served “Two-face” pizza (half cheese, half pepperoni/sausage), “Joker Juice,” “Penguin’s Popcorn,” “Mr. Freeze’s Fruit,” “Catwoman’s Claws” (Bugles), and “Poison Ivy” veggies. I made quick little labels using a clip art bat with a text box.

Batman parts 007 Batman parts 006 Batman parts 005 Batman parts 004 Batman parts 001

We had Batman training in the Batcave (aka the basement). Each guest went through a training game. The first test was to put the bat signal on the poster while the trainees were blindfolded. Everyone got their superpower wristbands as a prize.

Batman parts 014 Batman parts 015

Next, the trainees had to “shoot” down The Joker. Their prize for knocking him down was a foam batterang. I found both games, these two prizes, and this backdrop at the local party store.

Batman parts 021

And finally, everyone had to conquer Mr. Freeze’s freeze dance challenge. Here’s my DS dancing. :)

Batman parts 022

The final prize, once they passed all the challaenges, was a “Bat Cape” that I had made.

Batman parts 057

We enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Batman parts 031

Then, as guests left, they got a goodie pail with their on it. Along with the prizes they won, each guest took home some Laffy Taffy, Fun Dip, Kit Kats, super hero themed fruit snacks, tattoos, glow bracelets, a pencil and pad of paper. I liked the pail because it could be reused.

Batman parts 010

I think everyone had a really good time! The birthday boy sure did!

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