Battle of the Birkenstocks

Battle of the Birkenstocks


 My husband came barging into my bedroom declaring that he does not like Granola. Granola? I was like what are you talking about?? Ahh the Amazon account is linked to the Husbs email...
Well, what else do you do during a Polar Vortex but peruse Amazon, and my perusing ended with a new pair of Birkenstocks, hence the Granola reference. My response to stick up for my Crunchy purchase was to remind him that I was simply replacing a pair of puppy chewed Birkenstocks for a fresh pair...
Although I have always felt that they were a wardrobe staple, Birkenstocks are making such a come back for Spring. And not just the classic Birkenstock but a new Luxe variety from designers like Givenchy and Isabel Marant have emerged.

The Birkenstock Gizeh, is my Birken of Choice and I love the metallic

I do love the Classic Arizona Birkenstock but the Crunch Factor is too much for the Husb

Isabel Marant Holden



If you think these may all be a little too ugly, please refer to this post from Refinery 29, 10 Style Rules you Shouldn't Break. Check out #10

"Ugly is Exciting"

I also love love #2 "Thou Shalt always look a little undone"

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