Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid -- Be Very Afraid

Well, I didn't show you EVERYTHING that I got at the yard sales.  I got picture frames, plates, hot curlers, plaques,unique jewelry, curtains, metals and pins from various wars (really -- they're beautiful).  All these items together came up to about another $15.  OK -- more stuff that I don't need, right?  I'll just tuck it away for when I am ready to do that project or perhaps when I'm ready to list it on ebay or maybe my daughter will want it.  You see where I'm going.

Did I mention that I watched "Hoarders" last night?

I ALWAYS meet wonderful people at yard sales -- usually the conversation starts with the yard-salee and then evolves to include other yard-salers.  You know how it is.  Well, somehow I got involved in a conversation about bras with the yard-salee and she said that she had a ton of beautiful bras that she needed to get rid of -- looked like they might fit me she said.  Well she brought them over and they were a indeed beautiful, colorful, lacy yet strong bras.  I felt uplifted just looking at them - -  and I wanted them.  I told her that I really didn't need anymore bras, but she obviously saw that look in my eyes.  It was covetous, I'm ashamed to say.   She simply put them all in a bag and said, "Here, take them."

I took the bras and now I have washed them all with such care and I was admiring them, and wanted to share this wonderful sight with my bloggee friends.  Aren't they beautiful?  All brand name, of course!  Oh -- did I mention...


This is how it begins, folks!  I'm just telling ya!  This is how it all begins.....


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