[!] Be careful – Facebook

Checking my blogstatus page here at
Worldpress because it is always fun to see from where my readers found
their way to my blog. So under yesterdays referrer I found a link and
clicking on that it took me to this page:

Be careful

For the safety and privacy of your Facebook account, remember to
never enter your password unless you’re on the real Facebook web site.
Also be sure to only download software from sites you trust.



To learn more about staying safe on the internet, visit our Security Page. You can also check out the malware and phishing Wikipedia articles.

Are you a site owner seeing this URL in your referrer
logs? It means that a Facebook user shared a link to your content with
their friends.
Establish better contact with your audience with these Facebook products:



I guess it’s a kind of a safety/security alert.

I read this message as that someone of my friends at Facebook share my bloglink with someone of their Facebook friends.

Not that this is doing me any harm at all ; ] But it proves that Facebook is keeping an eye on what is going on ; ]


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