Be Cheerful Well Into Old Age

The Past Road SignA recent study revealed helpful secrets to being cheerful well into old age.


If you're still being hard on yourself for things that happened "way back when," it's time to cut yourself some slack. Here are 3 tips to help you over this self-defeating hurdle.

  1. Fully admit to yourself what it was that you didn't do, lost, or maybe you got but no longer want. If you don't fully admit to yourself what your regret is, you'll never get past it.
  2. Accept that the choice you made back then made sense based on who you were then ... but you're not that same person anymore. Remind yourself of how different you are at this stage of your life.
  3. Many times we regret so deeply that we feel ashamed, as if we are the only person who has ever done anything wrong. Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is not the case. Share your regret with a trustworthy person who cares about you. Many times this person will share with you something similar that has happened in his/her life that they regret, also. This can help you to let go of your regret by bringing you a clearer perspective, which can bring you some relief.




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