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Gone are the days when you could get away with marketing your business in just a couple mediums.  Nowadays, you need to market everywhere: your brand (and even your reputation as a successful business owner) depends on it.  Your business should stay fresh in the minds of your business associates and your current and potential customers.  You need to be everywhere both locally and virtually.

This doesn’t mean spending a lot of extra dough on your marketing endeavors.  It’s actually about creating the illusion of your omnipresence through the use of smart (not costly) marketing techniques.  When you’re smart about your ever-present marketing, you can focus your attention and marketing dollars toward a few select places where your target market hangs out.

So, how do you create a noticeable presence both online and off?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Facebook It
    • Create a profile on Facebook for your business, then ask your friends and business associates “Like” your page.
    • Offer an exchange program with your Facebook partners: ask your friends and associates to promote your company’s news, events and special offers – then return the favor.
  • YouTube Yourself
    • Allow your potential clients to put a face to your name and your company by creating an instructional video or two on how to use your products or services.
    • Embed your video(s) in your website and Facebook profile and encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • More Than Blogging
    • Of course I recommend creating your own blog – but always remember that blogging is meant to be an interactive medium.  Always respond to interesting comments or questions posed to your company via your blog.
    • Comment on other blogs relevant to your industry.  Create thought-provoking comments to appeal to both your target market and leaders in your particular industry.
    • Ask other industry bloggers for the opportunity to write a guest post on their blog - this is a great way to gain both credibility and exposure!
  • Don’t Forget the Snail Mail
    • Because regular old USPS mail has become less common today, it could be said that people appreciate the rare, handwritten letter now more than ever.
    • Write a letter to each of your existing top clients.  Include a personal thank you note and recognize their loyalty with a money-saving coupon.
  • Show Your Face/Use Your Voice
    • Network, network, network!
    • Offer to speak at a local networking group to educate people about your business and/or your industry.
  • Tell ‘Em What’s Up
    • Create an e-newsletter or even a podcast to regularly engage your target audience and your current customer base.
    • Consistent presence is the key, so try to keep a regular schedule (once a week, twice a month) to keep your audience listening and engaged in your business.
  • Encourage Involvement
    • Try hosting a conference call or a webinar.  Get others in your industry to promote your event through social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).
    • Ask other industry leaders to guest speak on relevant industry issues.  This creates a mutual boost in expertise for both you and your guest speakers.

Other ideas are phone apps/advertising, podcasts and write a book.  Think outside the box and think BIG.  Be Everywhere; Be Known; Be Successful!

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