Be a Good 'Next in Line' Customer in order to avoid getting Punched!

I need to know if the Universe is sending me some kind of weird message or do you have this problem at the grocery store?

(Warning, a lot of CAPS, BOLD and ! in the post so prepare your eyes and ears!)

OK.  The last few times I have gone to the grocery store I have almost decked the person and/or persons in line behind me. And no, I am not joking, I swear I wanted to Take. Them. Out!   Seriously, people, if you are next in line, here is a tip, YOU. ARE. NEXT.  So chill out!  Wait until  the person ahead of you loads all their groceries on the belt before you begin to place any of your groceries on the belt. You would think that would be common knowledge,right? Those of you who don’t understand the concept, well let me enlighten you!   You putting your groceries on the belt while the person ahead of you is still loading theirs slows the process for all involved.  Really, don’t look at me baffled.  Deep down you know what I am talking about!  Once again, let me remind you how it works!  See, if you come up behind me and I have groceries in my cart and I am still loading them on the belt while the cashier is in the process of ringing my order wait until I have loaded all my groceries on the belt before you begin  loading yours because the little plastic bar divider thingy isn’t enough to keep things divided.  Why you ask?  Let me tell you Dipshit!! (Because I know you really know)   I have nowhere to put my groceries once the plastic divider thingy catches up to the cashier.  Take a moment and Think about it.  We all have been in that situation!  Now, If you are the person NEXT in line and you load your groceries up to the plastic bar divider thingy and I am rushing to keep up with the cashier then I have no room for my groceries.  YOU KNOW THIS!!   So, I have to keep pushing your shit back, then try to race to put my stuff on and then you get frustrated because it is taking forever.

Oh, and when the cashier says, “Please stop loading your groceries,  she is still loading hers” well that is your clue to STOP!!

Not argue!  Another tip, arguing with the cashier holds everything up.  DUH!   Even better, the audacity to start asking questions at that point, like you are the customer being helped at the moment.   C’mon, Are you kidding me?  You are NEXT.  You don’t ask questions while another person is being rung up, just wrong, so wrong!

Oh, But today at the store was even better. I loved having the couple behind me ram their cart into mine. Really?   Listen, I was being helped.  I don’t have to pull my cart forward if I don’t want to.  I wish they were reading this RIGHT NOW  because I am virtually sticking my tongue out at them!   I was there first and ramming their cart into mine is pathetic!  I was getting ready to pull mine forward but I wanted to slide my Debit card first and I had just emptied my cart, I was trying to multi-task.  Then, when I moved my cart forward and was loading it with my groceries they stepped forward to the debit machine and let me tell you, it just felt great when their cart rammed me in my back! AWESOME!  I was so ticked!!

BUT, so  Sorry I offended them when I turned and said, “Oh, would you like to pay for my groceries?  Be my guest!”  I then tried to step back to the Debit machine so I could finish paying  but I had to wait for them to get out of my way!

Here is another great tip: Don’t step up to the Debit machine when you are NEXT in line unless you want to pay for that person’s groceries!

Finally groceries paid; I grabbed items that were un-bagged and threw them in my cart and I said to the cashier “Listen, I need to get the hell out of here before I get killed trying to buy groceries.”

She answered, “No mam, I have you covered.”

I beg to differ, the cashier did not have me covered, she said nothing to the couple ramming their cart into me and quite frankly she seemed to be rushing me in order to appease them!  What in the world is wrong with that picture?

I am asking you, “What the hell is wrong with people today?”

Chill the FING out!  Read a magazine, get on your precious cell phone,play games,check Facebook, upload a picture on Twitter but stop ramming your damn carts into the people in front of you.  THAT IS RUDE!  STOP placing your groceries on the belt before the person in front of you has unloaded their groceries AND FOR GOODNESS SAKES DON’T step up to the cashier while the person is loading their groceries in their cart, they still have to finish paying and get their receipt. C’mon, people you know how it works.  AMERICANS need their APPROPRIATE SPACE!  In other,words, WAIT YOUR FING TURN.  When you are NEXT in line, you are just THAT, NEXT.

Clearly,These situations are why I could never ever carry a gun because I would be on National television as the crazy woman that flipped out at the grocery store on the 75 year old couple in line behind her.

Yeah, so, any of you have these issues in the store?  Seeing how this seems to be an ongoing theme for me what do you think the Universe is saying?

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