Be Kind, Be Nice, spread it around like you have an abundance and see what happens!

Okay, I am on a roll with this kindness thing!  I just can't stop thinking how different our world would be if everyone spread a little kindness, be nice instead of the viral acidic nastiness that is the style now.  Think all the programing that is thrown at us today, think politics, that is the worst, think how people treat others everyday and you know what I am talking about!  Everyday you read about a public person making such outrageous nasty comments about a individual or a specific group. I've just had enough!  Now before you start to get on my case I am not talking about just being a door mat or letting people take advantage of you: what I am addressing is just nastiness as a way of life.  Yes I am on a mission, standing on my soap box and shouting let's replace nastiness with kindness, let's just be nice.  You know you can be nice even if you want to take a stand or fight for what you believe is right! You can be nice and get the service and respect that you desire, I do it everyday.  I am the Queen of getting my money back, replacement of defective merchandise and more! Guess what I don't even raise my voice or act huffy or nasty; I just state my case expecting that I will get the outcome I want.  And I do!


I am gong to go even further, I think that people who have to be nasty, negative, are just plain old insecure and holding too much fear in their soul.  Yes fear is at the base of nastiness and negativity!  Fear that you are not good enough, fear that you will not be listened too, fear that someone is better than you, you get the picture!  The more nasty and outrageous public people are, the more attention we give them.  That is what they crave since fear is the underlining cause of their need to grab the public attention.  If true confidence, belief on yourself, is the foundation of your being you have no need nor desire to be mean and nasty.  You realize that it is all about you, not anyone else.  If you sincerely believe that you are worthy of all life's joy and riches you have no need for nastiness.  You know that scorching negativity is never going to make you happy or whole, it will only contribute to your underlining fear! You know who you are and you don't need other attention to make you feel important.  You know that you are!


Make a 2014 intention to live with a kind face instead of always wearing that mask of nastiness, trying to disguise your fear that always floats to the surface coloring you behavior towards others and eventually pollutes you life.  Do something different this year, be nice, kind, happy and see what shows up!   


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