Be A Model! Strike A Pose!

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[Have you ever looked at photos of high-fashion models and thought how unnatural they are? What normal woman stands like a stork with one hand flung dramatically over her head? Seriously. Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez noticed those photos, too, and uses them as fodder in a fascinating video called “Poses.” You’ll never look at Vogue the same way again. Rob Alderson at It’s Nice That did a fun interview with the artist where she talked about feminism and her inspiration for “Poses."-–Mona]

He writes:

Most people would agree that fashion photography is a different world--completely removed from the realities of everyday life--but to make that point in a clever and powerful way is pretty hard. Step forward Madrid-based artist Yolanda Dominguez, whose most recent piece recreated fashion magazine poses in normal situations. The results, particularly the public reactions, are funny, thought-provoking and revealing. We spoke to Yolanda about the work, feminism in art, and the creative scene in Spain.


Credit Image: cszar on Flickr

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