Be More Productive And Stay Focused – A Cure For Shiny Object Syndrome


Learn to be more productive and nip Shiny Object Syndrome in the bud!

Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS for short, is a sometimes fatal virus you get from the internet. The problem is, it doesn’t infect your computer as other internet viruses do, it infects YOU!

What are the symptoms of SOS?

  • Pain and discomfort of overwhelm
  • Excessive time spent checking your email
  • Long trips down rabbit holes found in your email inbox
  • Excessive time spent on social media
  • Paranoia – fear that you might miss something if you don’t check out every offer
  • Financial Fatigue from buying many of those offers
  • Guilt set on by Financial Fatigue of buying and not using all those products, plugins and courses
  • Total lack of focus and productivity

If not treated SOS can cause Premature Evacuation of your online business. Sorry…too much? OK, enough silliness.

Chances are you have SOS, so let’s talk about how to take control of it.
This is something most of us face more than once in our online career.  There are so many shiny objects scrolling across our screens, in our inboxes and literally everywhere we go online today.  Offers, freebies and giveaways galore!  It’s the nature of the business we are in.  We make offers everyday in our business. If you don’t you aren’t doing it right. That’s how this thing works. There’s nothing wrong with that, but on the receiving end you have to know when enough is enough and sift through the noise to focus on what’s important.  Otherwise overwhelm takes over and stops you dead in your tracks.

No one is immune to Shiny Object Syndrome
There’s no vaccine.  There are however some simple things you can do, so SOS doesn’t get you.

First, when you sign up for an interesting giveaway and find that it’s not what you thought or doesn’t really fit your niche, unsubscribe.  If you find that you are on someones list that blasts offer after offer day in and day out without teaching you something or giving you good content that adds value to your day, unsubscribe. If it’s someone you may be interested in later, but now is not the right time, unsubscribe, set it up so their mail goes directly into a filtered file or at least send them to the junk or bulk mail file.  That’s where their emails will end up until you are ready for them.

Also, schedule specific times, with time limits in place to check your email.  I check mine first thing in the morning, spending no more than 15 minutes, handle what needs handled and leave the rest.  Again at lunch, dealing with only important stuff,  then I go through the rest at the end of the work day. Taking control of your email is one of the most important things that will help you to be more productive. This will alleviate falling into a rabbit hole that takes you who knows where.

Don’t worry about all those incredible, once in a lifetime offers that come your way.  The fact of the matter is, we as internet marketers are infamous for buying products and courses we think we will need some day and never use.  Stop it! If you really need it now and will use it now, go ahead and look at it and or buy it. Then use it!  If you think you may need it someday, don’t bother with it.  It will be there when you are ready for it.  Trust me, if it’s not, someone else will have a course or product like it. If not, then it wasn’t worth buying.

Schedule your day, plan your work and map out your projects.  Look straight ahead and focus. Take your Shiny Object Syndrome under control.  You can do this!  I believe in you.

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