Be Nice To Your Flight Attendant ( It Could BE ME)

Many of you may be traveling this week for a race- cation so I thought this was a perfect time to give you all a little reminder about being nice to your friendly flight attendant ( because it might be me)!


1. Do not state the obvious.  We know when the plane is too hot or too cold. That's why you should always bring a sweater when the air is too cold.  Also lowering the window shades help when it's hot. The plane has a greenhouse effect. When the sun is beating in through the window of course it’s going to be hot.

2. We have no control of the weather! It is not our fault that we get delayed or have a maintenance issue.
3. We are on the plane with you so therefore we have no information about your connecting flights. We do not have an imaginary computer to look to see if flights are on time or delayed. Do not ask if the captain can call ahead to say you are coming.
4. When boarding do not ask if it is a full flight or if the boarding process has been completed when we walk down the aisle just so you can move to an empty row. You will know when the boarding process is complete when there are no more passengers boarding the flight.
5. After boarding, stow your luggage as quickly as possible and sit down. You don't want to be the one holding up the boarding process because you need to get things out of your bag.
6. Respect the seatbelt sign. We know that it may stay on for longer than what it should, but there is usually a reason, so please ask before you just decide to get up. Do not get up during the beverage service!
7. When asked if you like a beverage, say what you would like,” not what do you have?” It's easier to say that we don't have it then saying every option we do have.


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