Be Open to Inspiration

Good morning!

I was walking home from work last night on the way to yoga and I took a stroll through Central Park. I came across 3 of my fellow intenSati leaders teaching classes and it was so inspiring to see! I felt so open and connected to nature. The air and sun in perfect balance. Noises pleasant but not overwhelming. I felt I can run, skip and dance (which I did, while still in my work clothes, right into one of the intenSati classes. SO fun!).
When you think about it, life is really giving you opportunities every day, minute and moment to choose inspiration or deflation.
Let's start with deflation. Everybody knows what it's like to feel a sense of loss. As if the wind is not gathering to move your sails or, worse, you are like a balloon. You get the tiniest little whole in your skin and the result is...well, you know. It's just a hole the size of a needle but then all your air is gone!
The other option is inspiration. Inspiration is actually a state of being. It's a state of mind, heart and soul. There is a quality of openness. Readiness. Sensitivity. Presence. You can't fake inspiration because when you are inspired you are just authentically YOU. There is nothing to do and nobody to be but be yourself.
I'm going to Rome and Tuscany next month. Omg. Yes. I will be in the heart and birthplace of the Renaissance. I'm sure it will be mind-blowing beyond what I can even begin to imagine right here! Inspiration on steroids. :)
That said, you don't have to be painting the Sistine Chapel to be considered as inspired. You know that moment you're brushing your teeth and trying to remember where you put the dental floss, then, almost out of thin air, you realize just what you need to do to handle that situation at work? Or, you are just walking down the street and you float into ABC Carpet and Home, let your mind run wild, and start decorating an apartment you don't even own yet (ok, that's mine). Maybe you just take pen to paper and start doodling, drawing, writing a few lines until you arrive at this one image or sentence that causes you to exhale. It's so truthful. It came from deep inside you.
This is all inspiration! It can happen anywhere anytime and on any level. Micro, medium, macro -- it's all great. Just choose it today. Be open to inspiration.
If you feel inspired today, I would love to know. Please comment here or email me at
Thanks and choose a beautiful, inspired day!

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