Be Silly

Having fun and laughing came so easily when I was a kid. I think all the giggling was contagious. And even though I didn't know it then—laughter is a great stress reliever too.

be silly

Do you remember that childhood friend that made you laugh so hard with a silly story during lunch that milk would burst out your nose? Or the pal who could turn a frustrating situation completely around with a goofy face. We don't make many funny faces as adults. I'm thinking maybe we should. I'm going to start out with at least three today. I'll try to post a few silly "selfies" all week. And I'll let you know if all the silliness helps me feel less stressed :)

IMAGE: The funny face photo above by me was inspired by an awesome class with the always fun and sassy Alison Faulkner, blogger at The Alison Show. Her blog is guaranteed to make you smile! 

Looking for more silliness? Check out my laugh more post here.

~ Chris Olson

Writer and illustrator

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