Be specific about what you want from life and what you don’t want…..It amazes me how many people walk around in life in a haze…not having any idea what they want or don’t want…..In many cases people are so far from being in touch with their emotions that they almost seem numb to what life is trying to tell them……

Our Emotions will tell us if we are headed in the right direction or not in most cases. If we are unhappy it is likely because we have overloaded ourselves with a bunch of situations that are not making us happy…They are taking us to unhappiness….Sure, happiness comes from inside and is a perspective that we hold….And yet, if we are going around unhappy or mediocre we really have to think again about “Are these the right choices for my life….”

People clutter up their lives with so many layers of things and situations that they don’t want that they continue to keep adding more of what they don’t want instead of what they do want…They get buried in things that make them unhappy.....Some people are so out of touch with what they want out of life that they are merely going through the motions daily of living life…..

A Well Lived Life is aware of what it wants from life and what it does not want….It does the best at minimizing the situations it doesn’t want and replacing them with what they do want. They get specific….about the smallest of details to the biggest of situations that they want in their lives….

Learn to be Specific in your dreams in life....Learn to be Specfic about what you want from life and about what you don't want......Being Specific helps us identify where we want to go in life......and make sure when you ASK for something be Specific so that you are more likely to get what you really want.....


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