Be Still.

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So as of recent, with lots of transitions going on in my life,  I started to  look more into the areas of my life that need to be infiltrated with silence.  Yea, I said it. Silence.  Our world is way too busy, and we miss ourselves, because we fail to stop and  find out where we are. I have this practice, that I have yet to refine, that involves spending time "re-framing" my life and allowing me to  have a different experience where I can appreciate the little things, and the big things in life.

So I bought this video, and invested in myself and a few other women, and I plan to share the video with a few women when they visit my home. I am excited, because it's a different concept, but also a very contemplative one: taking about "being still." I will have to return to inform you of the response of the women and how it impacted their lives.

I am excited, because I want women to begin a new journey in their lives and start a new page  of discovery, by first recognizing their patterns of daily living - as a wife, parent,  sister, friend, and  even as they spend time with themselves and God. This acknowledgement, I believe, will  eventually lead to them living stronger and more determined lives; but also  fulfilling their destiny, and knowing their inherent worth.

Lisa Chan  the author of "be still", (the video below) defines the term as this :

 "Being still means you and God alone. Just the two of you."

Other definitions  I liked int he video were:

  • being free from distractions
  • being at peace with oneself
  • being  in a place where life is spinning  out of control
  • being hushed
  • being subdued

She spoke on her video here, about how "excitement" came from spending time with God.

Lisa said there are  mainly two groups of women:

They were described in the video- be still as:

  • Being "tired and worn out" - (no time for anything)
  • Having "too much going on" - (choices made every day  that distance us from God, instead of allowing us to draw near. )

  The end result  as defined int he video - she winds up lacking in spiritual maturity;  having more anxiety ; numbing out,  and being disconnected and depressed. 

Highlights from the video were these words:

  • One woman in the video  spoke of spending time with God like  necessary"medicine".
  • Jesus said to Martha as she complained about her sister not helping serve Jesus: "Only one thing is needed...Mary has chosen what is better." Maybe because Jesus isn't right in front of us, we  just let that opportunity pass. We don't like hearing we have to do things differently. we don't  hearing when we have made the wrong choice, that's hard to hear."
  • "I love you too much, to  have you doing all these things that I don't want you to do."
  •  One woman said being with God was like him saying intimately to her: " I will help you, don't be anxious."
  • Stay very close to Me, that is how you are going to bear fruit."

Where is  God in your day?

Do you take time to be still and listen or reach out to Him? He's always present. It's just up to us.

D0 we take advantage of  the intimacy? Do we sacrifice and take full advantage of  what the return may be?

Or... do we even want to see what may be revealed?

For more  meditation on Lisa Chan films and to purchase:

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