Because Cheap is How We Feel Handcrafting and Handcrafted Gifts

Because Cheap is How We Feel

I am a crafter. I've made all kinds of things, clothes, knitting, crochet, baskets, dolls, flower wreaths, etc. for all of my life  Like everyone else it seems, I thought I would try to sell my handcrafted treasures. I opened an Etsy store a month ago. I thought it would be easy to sell handcrafted goods at Christmas time, but so far no one has purchased one of my beautiful handcrafted things. The competition is fierce, but I am patient. Yet I am confused. Checking out the site, reading the forum notes, I am finding not all goods at Etsy are handcrafted. Some are just reselling ready made items for dirt cheap prices. It baffles me how an Etsy seller could buy materials, even at wholesale prices, make the item, and ship the item for next to nothing. I guess they don't pay themselves?? I wonder at the flood of cheap goods into the American marketplace. On the one hand we want fair wages, health benefits, and retirement on the other hand we want it all cheap and the hell with wages, benefits, and the environment. We seldom pay the true value of what we buy shopping at Walmart or other discount chains.

I hope you will support craftspeople and buy handcrafted this holiday season. This is an Etsy Treasury I made of handmade crafts local to the San Francisco Bay Area and another treasury put together by another Etsy seller.

Give a Gift of Handcrafts Made North of San Francisco

Santa Rosa Sweetness




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