The Beach Changes with Kids, but in a Good Way

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[Editor's Note: In my childhood memories, summer is synonymous with the beach. Just like Angela at Tiaras and Trucks, trips to the beach have changed since I've had kids. They're not worse, even though I'm lugging a bagillion things to the water's edge. But they're different, just as her post says. -Jenna]

Through Their Eyes:

young photographerThe little silver spigot spit out water, always ice cold, that chased away the sand and bits of seaweed marking the hours we had spent splashing in the water and crouching in the sand, building intricate moats and canals surrounding rudimentary castles.

My feet seemed naked and cold in my childhood sandals without that armor of sand keeping them warm, and I didn’t understand why we had to chase away the remnants of the day with that icy water.

The mystery of my mother’s fascination with the ritual cleansing revealed itself years, and countless beach trips, later. I am the one finding and cleaning bandit grains of sand for days and weeks after spending a day at the beach.

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Photo Credit: muha.

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