Bean A Foodie

My name is Maria Tadic and I’m a nutrition expert, die hard foodie and the author of the blog Bean A Foodie.  I started Bean A Foodie so that I could share my recipes, cooking tips and advice, nutrition expertise and my opinions on great products, places and restaurants I’ve visited.   I typically post 3 times a week – Monday’s showcase a either a new recipe, unique ingredient or cool foodie spot, Wednesdays feature my How-To series, and I delve deeper into nutrition issues on my Nutrition Focused Friday’s.  

Because myself and my husband are “98% vegetarians”, all of my recipes fit into a plant-based diet.  That just means you won’t find recipes containing poultry, beef, pork, lamb or other meat-derived products.  I also want you to also be able to use this blog as a trusted source of information.  As an up and coming health professional, I promise you that all the nutrition and health information provided in my blog comes from reliable and trustworthy sources – like peer-reviewed journals, government websites and sometimes even my own textbooks.  I provide a list of references at the end of each blog so you can view the original source of information if you are so inclined.