Beanie Weenies Vegan Style

First off, DO NOT BE SCARED of the word vegan :) I like to cook from scratch because, while it can be time consuming, it is the healthiest way to cook and the best way to make the most of your dollar. This is a recipe I created when I needed to use up the vegan 'hot dogs' I stocked up on and froze while on clearance at the grocery store. At my local grocer, I can always find alternative meat products for at least half the price of meat itself. If spiced up and cooked just right, nobody will ever know the difference! This meal serves about 4 people & cost me less than $3.00 to make!
1 Cup dried navy beans or 2 Canned if short on time
1 package meat alternative vegan hot dogs such as Yves or Light Life
1 large onion
2 TBS olive oil (or butter if not vegan)
1BBQ sauce recipe or Bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (we love Annie's) 
Soak beans, cook  & rinse according to package directions. Heat oven to 400. Cut hot dogs into small circles, length wise. Dice onion & saute in olive oil until browned. Coat casserole dish with non stick spray. Put beans, hot dog, sauteed onion & BBQ sauce in casserole dish. Sprinke with desired amount of salt. Toss all ingredients until well coated. Cover with foil and cook for about 20 minutes longer so flavors soak into each other well. Serve with sliced bread if desired. Mmmm Tasty!
*Health note: Dried beans are healthier than canned beans because there is no added sodium as in canned, or BPA which is commonly found in the lining of the can itself.


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