Beat The Bloat

Do you feel bloated even though you think you are eating right? When you’ve been working out so hard and eating right, you want to see and feel the rewards. There are some days you just feel and look bloated, but your not quite sure why. We have done a little research for you, so that we can solve your problem. We found what you should avoid that causes you to bloat and what you should take to relieve this. Since this is common for both men and women, these simple tips will surely help you progress in getting your lean body for the summer time.

10 Tips & Trips to Avoid Bloating

1. Avoid Dairy

What many people don’t realize is how a lot of us are sensitive to dairy products. For some of us these products are extremely hard to digest, which then causes us to bloat.

2. Eat foods or Take A Supplement Containing Pro-biotics

Pro-biotics are great for helping your digestive system get an extra push. You can find pro-biotics in natural foods like yogurt.

3. Limit Sodium Intake

Sodium is your biggest enemy and it is hidden in most of the food we consume. It is even more so when we eat out. Sodium is good to have in moderation, but NEVER add excess amount to your foods. Your food already has natural salts that your body can use. Sodium holds water in your body, which is the reason for you to look physically bloated.

4. Avoid Sugar-Free Products

Just because it is sugar-free doesn’t mean you can eat an excessive amount. Bloating is also caused from sugar alcohols that are substituted for the sugars in sugar free products.

5. Eat Smaller Meals More Often

The portion size and frequency of your meals is another factor to your problem. If you’re only eating three large meals a day your body is working overtime to break down your food. If you are eating six smaller meals you will be not only be speeding up your metabolism, but also avoiding bloating.

6. Avoid Eating Processed Foods and Carbonated Drinks

Processed foods are loaded with sodium! Take time to check labels to find the best brand with the lowest sodium content.

7. Too Much Fiber

Too much fiber can cause you to bloat so make sure to drink a lot of water, while still getting in your daily intake of fiber

8. Eat Certain Foods

Foods like vegetables, pineapple, and melons will relieve you from bloating due to the abundance of nutrients that relieves your body.

9. Hydrate!

Water is the cure all for most things, so make sure to drink plenty of it.

10. Drinking ginger or peppermint tea

The tea is used like a natural anti-inflammatory, plus it can contribute to your daily hydration.

We hope these tips help you feel and look your best! ~T2B

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