Beautiful and AVERAGE sized?!

This morning as I am sitting here thinking about what to post I come across this article with a Plus size model named Crystal Renn.  It talks about how she used to weigh 95-105 pounds for her modeling career, ate minimal portions and almost starved herself to death. 

This is what she looked like back then:

Model Crystal Renn — in 2002, weighing between 95 and 105 lbs — at the height of her eating disorder. Photos: From the author’s personal collection.

What I found interesting is that her “back then” pictures look very similar to today’s models, actresses and other role models that are plastered on T.V. and magazine cover after cover.  It has not changed one bit since I was a child.  Society’s image of “pretty” is a waif thin cutie on the big screen, WT*?!  You would think that by now everyone would just GET IT. 

When I was a teenager I could not wait to get my hands on the latest issue of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and People just to see how the beautiful celebrities looked and lived.  What I know now that I didn’t then, is that it really killed my self image.  As I flipped through the pages and admired all of the unrealistically thin girls and women I compared myself to them.  I compared my skin, that I viewed as awful because it had a blemish!  I compared my hair, that was never long enough full enough or the perfect man attracting color.  Never in my entire life have I had a waist, let alone owned a belt that I would show it off.  Why you may ask.  Well because I did not have that hour glass figure that I saw day after day.  My entire body completely became not good enough in my mind. 

In turn my real life became a plethora of comparisons.  I was never thin enough to wear the latest fashions.  Pretty enough to do so many things that are tagged for the pretty girls.  I could never quit figure out how to be witty or  funny enough because there was no way in hell I was going to draw attention to my blemished face, ugly hair and belt-less waist!

If I had a teeenage daughter I would ban all magazines from my house.  I am dead serious!  In hind sight I really believe they had a horrible effect on me and who I was, what decisions I made and what I did not think I was good enough to do.  The one thing I had is a Mom who adored me and told me I was beautiful every single day.  If I was not so wrapped up in trying to be what society said is acceptable, I would have listened to my Mom more and tapped into who I really was and all of my potential.

Kudos to Crystal Renn for sharing her story.  I wish that more actresses and models would do the same.  If they were all completely honest I am certain it would not be beautiful or the society norm.  What are your thoughts on this?  Do you feel like everyone just turns a blind eye to to problem?  Do you think it has changed over the years?

XO Shannon

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