Beautiful Blogging Positive Posting Follow-Up

Lucrecer, Krystyn, Jen and Alyssa were brought together to form a
panel that was moderated by Kyran for the BlogHer Conference in July
2008. Our topic was simple - to discuss why it is that positive posting
can make the world a better place. Some of us write about social
justice, others leave love notes that world in random public places,
some of us talk about our extraordinary struggles and the beautiful
opportunities they present. But in all cases, we use our thoughts and
words and art to inspire people to open themselves up to the
possibilities of the world and move towards positive change.

So many - SO MANY! - people came up to us afterwards to ask how we
could keep the momentum going, find each other's wisdom and passion on
a regular basis, not just at BlogHer. So here it is, The Positive
Posting cause on Just Cause It.

We will cause positive things. It's that simple.

Write about a stranger who made your day, a political movement
that's working, a new diet that is helping you regain your health,
anything that you think others can learn and grow from.

But let's use this energy to create real change. Talk about real
stuff, link to other bloggers and posts, join other causes, create your
own causes. The whole premise of our panel was to inspire people to use
their own energy to create change - which is also the premise of JUST
CAUSE IT. So, let's see what we can do together.

I'd like to find some really fun innovative way to support and promote each other's causes. We don't have big budgets or corporate sponsors, but maybe we can sponsor each other. Maybe a writer can sponsor a prize to write the holiday letter for someone who the community chooses as a great tutoring hero. Or a photographer can send a photo to a blogger selected as having done something great.  

Join us, and remember to tag your posts to Positive Posting. I don't know where this will go, but I would love to make clear that if you have a cause, there is a community of people who do want to hear about it, and by working together, we can do it. Now that's positive.

Thanks BlogHer for bringing the 5 of us together, we'd like to keep it going, for sure. On BlogHer and in our home towns..... 


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