beautiful boys & girls

It is a dinner together with them again~~~

What was the time that last time we sit together? Hehe, forgot, but the feeling is such familiar.

Sit together, play jokes on every member, laugh, eating, look like a big family, feel such good.

Pretty boys, they do what they did before, they keep their way they had before, they are always being themselves!

Pretty girls, they look more beautiful, more confident, more kindly, they smile to me from the buttom of their heart, some of them changed their way, but still be themselves, some not, the ones which I was such familiar.

I was such happy with them, want to give them (only girls) big hug, haha, it was pities I not did, but I gave them kisses.

They said, I am still I am, such naughty and humerous, :).


Yeah, I must have been blind, not to see that happiness slipped away from me for such long time, and nearly killed the "real" me.

I must have been crazy, crazy to catch the things which did not worth my effort, such stupid.


I know how to be alive now, how to be myself, how to make life like life, without any pity, to start the vivid way.

I know what should be worked for, what should be kept, what should be far way from.

I feel lucky I realize all the valued things now, like the pretty boys, look after their dreams, with all effort.

I also will be one of the pretty girls, whatever happened, after crying, struggling, finally be the ones conqued people with smiles and confidence.


Wish the boys gain the success which they look forward to all the time...

Wish the girls gain the happiness which they work hard all the time....

Best wishes to them!

Best wishes to all my colleagues, all my friends, all the people who helped me and gave me smiles!

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