Beautiful Scenic Hike You Need Try In Yellowstone

Trout Lake Trail
Trout Lake Trail

If you've never been to Yellowstone National Park, I suggest you do. It has been a tradition of mine since 2011 and since then I just can't get enough of it. With our busy city lives, just going out to Wyoming and reconnecting with nature helps you refresh your mind and body. I was just glad I was able to visit Yellowstone during the springtime to see all the beautiful wildflowers and animal activity. 

Trout Lake Trail

For the past 4 years Trout Lake Trail was one of my favorite hike. When you see the Trout lake you will be surprised at how much it reflects the trees and mountains. The water is calm, ducks are quacking, and be sure to have your polarized sunglasses as it helps prevent the glare in the water and you can clearly see the trouts in the lake. This year was the most I have ever seen as it was spawning season.

Trout Lake Trail

There was a nice French couple with their 3 kids. The mom had and dad both had a baby carrier and had their baby nicely snug in the pack and one child that was able to walk was walking along the trails. So it's possible to hike even with kids.

There are three lakes here which are the Trout Lake, Buck Lake, and The Shrimp Lake which we "saw" for the first time last year. The reason why I quote it was because there was no water but you can just see the outline where the water used to be. There were some bushwhacking involved but we passed that one this year. Instead we made our way to Buck lake since there's always fresh elk bones next to a den. The den is probably of a badger. As we made our way back we saw the backside of the badger! It was orange and I was bummed I couldn't see one up front. I won't want to be too close to it anyways but quickly spotted it so we waited for it to reappear but no luck. We were just so lucky to see the back side of it and know for certain that this is where they reside.

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Trout Lake


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