Are you ever amazed at the beauty of a sunrise or sunset? The striking and bright colors that stand before us: or the translucent lakes that gives us tranquility and peacefulness.  Beauty is all around us, it is the face of an elderly women or a newborn child.

Beauty is learning an exploring and observing the world around us.   A Child’s   first attempt at learning to  read,  as he or she sounds out each letter realizing they just read their first word, and  the proud smile on their face .

To me beauty is not just how one looks but how one portrays and lives their life. Just recently, I saw an elderly lady with a shopping cart struggling to get her needed items. As she was checking out she was confused of where her money was or how to pay for it. There was a line of anxious people waiting to check out. The cashier was friendly and helpful to the senior citizen. It was obvious that the elderly lady needed help but was trying to do things herself. The beauty of this story is the kind and respectful way the cashier helped the lady instead of being impatient. That day the lady left the store with a smile on her face and felt like she accomplished her chore for the day.

I think society puts on emphasis of how a person face and body looks.  Beauty is so much more.  Beauty is a smile on your face or an encouraging word that lifts the spirits of another person.  Beauty is the child who gets his first hit in a baseball game, or reads his first word.

 Beauty is all around us. Let’s notice the little things that make life a wonderful experience for all of us.

Betty Davis