The Beauty of ART

I recently attended the LA Art show, which has been running for 18 years and has delivered a broad spectrum of art from across the globe right to the doorstep of the LA Convention Center. Just last year alone more than 50,000 people visited the show which displayed more than 100 prominent galleries – pretty impressive!

My creative juices were flowing and I needed some inspiration, or I was bored and it was raining for the sixth day straight in So Cal, and I needed something to keep me busy! In the car and 45 minutes later I was at the LA Convention Center with my friend and camera in tow. We checked in, walked 20 feet and found a bar! I was thinking this was a great start to my day. I grabbed a wine and started to explore. As I made my way into the first section an “artist” approached me and said, “Isn’t it too early for wine? It’s only 11:30am!” Wait, I thought artists are the most “free-flowing” people on earth, and he’s questioning my morning beverage? Well, it is California (home of the organic smoothie and workouts, the chew meat and spit it out state). I responded, “I’m on east coast time baby, and it’s 2:30pm back home!” I was good to go and off I went.

I have to admit, I appreciated the “art” that was hanging on the walls, but I really appreciated the “art” that was walking around. Art doesn’t just sit on a wall or stand on a pedestal. I saw plenty of art walking around, with big hair, short hair, multi-colored hair, tight jeans, short shorts, flip flops, loafers, and hooker boots! There was no makeup, clown makeup, put a mask on makeup, everything your mind could imagine if it hit a hookah pipe!

I’m a love it or leave it girl and I approach everything in life with that attitude. If I don’t like someone, I leave and if I like something, I indulge with full force! I can quickly make up my mind (which shocks my friends), and I can scan a person’s face with a full body check in one minute flat and know how many masks they have in their closet. So, when I walked around the exhibit, fashion and beauty were alive with the chit-chat of self absorbed, know-it-all people, and all I could think of is……

Here’s the art my “eyes” saw that faithful day:

My take away: my favorite kind of art is pictures of my children, my parents, and loved ones. I totally get where the artist was going, and I truly understand the story behind it. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art is everywhere you see beauty.

Paint a beautiful memory for yourself and have a great day…

xo, jo

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