Beauty Is In the Heart of the Beholder

It was once believed that "Beauty" was "in the eye of the beholder." It was also said, that "Beauty is only skin deep."

Now that you are all awakening, it is becoming quite evident that beauty is not only in the heart “of the beholder,” but also that it is much deeper than the "skin."

The most beautiful sometimes, is locked and hidden so deeply that if you continue to look with only your eyes, and only to the outer shell or circumstance, you will miss some of Life's most beautiful.

Let your heart lead you to the beauty that surrounds you daily. Let yourself step outside of what used to be your comfort zone.

Love another not for what can be done for or given to you, but instead for what you can Be to each other each and every moment you share the same Space. Love each other in that way, as it is the way in which we love you...and that is Constantly.

Do not regret all that you may have missed, but instead rejoice in all that you will now Embrace.


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