The Beauty of It All

In our never-ending quest for more, we sometimes become complacent with practicing gratitude and appreciation for the "little" things in our lives.

When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate the beauty of your life?

Beauty such as waking up to be kissed by the sun's radiance.
Or the beauty of storm clouds delivering replenishing rain.

The beauty of breathing.
The beauty of a beating heart.

The beauty of having a job because there are so many without.

And if you lost a job, the beauty of knowing you'll find another one because your current situation is only temporary.

The beauty of a light breeze.
The beauty of swaying trees.

The beauty of struggle because we learn to appreciate its rewards even more.

The beauty of life's challenges because they make us wiser and stronger.

The beauty of knowing you do have a choice.
The beauty of knowing if you didn't make the correct choice, lesson learned.

The beauty of hearing a child's laughter, lacking motive.

The beauty of seeing your significant other smiling, with pride, when you walk into the room.

The beauty of having a family who loves you.

The beauty of a true friend.

But most of all, the beauty of you.

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