BEAUTY and MAGNIFICENCE… I believe everyone has BEAUTY and everyone has MAGNIFICENCE waiting to come out from them…….Each of us are born with both…….I believe it is life (the world's views) itself that changes that beauty and magnificence into what it was not designed to be…..Babies are all born beautiful and magnificent…..So why should that change?….It shouldn’t…..

People gradually are told over time they are not beautiful, special, or magnificent ….They are told all that is wrong with them….rather than what is right with them….Everyone was born RIGHT…..No one was born wrong….Even those who were born with “disabilities” or “birth defects” truly were perfect when born….It was just society told them differently…Told them that they were “less than” and so the beauty of who they were designed to be  began to be altered in perception by what everyone was telling them….

If God created us in his Image and HE is MAGNIFICENT then why should we not be Magnificent…? It simply doesn’t add up to me how some people can be better than other people simply based on “majority rules” type of mentality…Majority rules in the sense that other people’s opinions determine how individuals should see themselves….

When we were born we were automatically beautiful….We were designed with GOD’S MAGNIFICENCE in mind…..Allowing the world, the world’s opinions, and the people around us to determine whether we are beautiful and magnificent is an attempt to defeat GOD’S plan for us….God’s plan is for all of us to be Magnificent….regardless of our difference from others….God made us different on purpose for we each have a unique Divine Assignment that only we can fulfill. If he made us all exactly the same we would not have the variations to complete all the assignments that God has for us…..

Look at yourself as not just BEAUTFUL but MAGNIFICANT……Everywhere you go believe you are Magnificent….Believe that others have the same ability to be Magnificent……You are beautiful….You are truly Magnificent…..


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