The beauty of the RSVP

My husband has a large extended family. My mother-in-law has 11 siblings,  There is at least a decade of difference between the oldest and the yougest child.  Needless to say my husband has a lot of cousins, second cousins and even third cousins.  This is pretty crazy for me since my family is very small.  I had only been to one cousin's wedding in my whole life.  Since I met my husband we have been to at least 7.  The first few were great.  We were recently engaged ourselves and enjoyed buying the wedding presents, going to the wedding and spending time with his family.  Now six years and two children later, weddings are anything but relaxing events. 

I remember taking Zoe to a cousin's wedding when she was two years old. At the church ceremony she kept making noises and singing twinkle, twinkle little star.  She threw an enourmous tantrum which furhter gave proof to the phrase "Crying children should be carried out".  The reception was no better.  Zoe managed to lose one or both of her shoes at least 10 times.  There is nothing more fun (or rude) than looking under 20 plus tables for toddler shoes. I wanted to let her run barefoot, but that would be not proper according to my mother in law (and looking under tables when women are wearing dresses is?) Zoe also loved running in the hallway of the reception hall. She wanted to sit on every chair and barstool.  She talked to complete strangers. She even crashed another person's wedding when she ran into another ballroom during what looked like the couple's first dance (that wasn't embarrassing at all, not)

When I managed to finally get Zoe back to the right ballroom she managed to put her fingers in the choclate fountain and accidentally get into a few wedding pictures.  They finally put on the music for dancing she was a dancing queen. 

Which brings me to the RSVP predicament. One of my husband's cousins was getting married and we were invited to the wedding.  We knew that 500 guests were invited to the church ceremony and wedding reception.  Knowing what could happen at a wedding with my children, we decided to RSVP no.  I sent back the little card by the RSVP due date.  I made sure I did the right thing. Then I get a call from my mother in law.  "Your cousin just called me in a panic, she wanted to know if you accidentally put no on your RSVP"  Oh joy.  I can't believe out of 500 people she calls us to see why we can't come.  "Just tell her it's not a mistake", I tell her.  I wonder if she called all the people who said no.  If she did, she wasted a whole bunch of money and postage on redundant RSVP cards.  Not to mention the minutes on her phone plan. 


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