Beauty scam: "Cellulite" is a made-up word created to steal your money

The term “cellulite” is nothing more than a made-up name for an invented condition, created to sell beauty products. It first appeared in print in a 1968 issue of Vogue magazine. Then, in 1973, salon owner Nicole Ronsard published a book titled Cellulite: Those Lumps, Bumps and Bulges You Couldn’t Lose Before.

Nearly overnight, millions of American women went from believing their bodies were normal and healthy to “suffering” from an “unsightly” skin condition with a fancy French name. And guess who stood to profit?

The cellulite market is now a multi-billion dollar industry.


Here’s the truth. Women tend to have higher body fat than men. This fat is essential for ovulation, menstruation, and reproduction. And because our skin is thinner than men’s, our fat is more visible beneath the skin’s surface. Read the full article on Peculiar Girl


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