The Beauty of Using What You Have

My daughter and I have been cleaning up over the past few weekends
Think "spring cleaning" only in the Fall 

(is there a name for that?)

Anyway, we've been on a mission
organizing/clearing out clutter/reorganizing

you know, fun stuff

We've been sorting items into piles
keep/trash/give away/donate

and as I was going back through our donate pile last weekend an old cd storage rack caught my attention.  I pulled it out of the donation box and experienced another "I See More" moment.  I flipped the rack up onto its side, and smiled as I realized that I could turn it into THIS...

 My "new" earring display rack!!!

I asked my daughter what she thought, and she agreed that it was pretty cool...         

especially since it was something that we already had just laying around

It became the perfect conversation piece as it created an opportunity to talk to her about learning to "use what you have"

and I think that I may have just sparked in her a newfound love for

because she's been rummaging through the house looking for items ever since!

And I'm discovering that...

"When you use what you HAVE
to do what you LOVE,
that my friends is TRUE ART"

Now that's gratitude and grace she can relate to!